Why Do Producers Need to Listen to Different Genres?

Producers, by the climax of their career, will end up specializing in just one genre. They may end up in rock, jazz, pop music, orchestra and the like. However, despite specializing in one genre it is important that they strive to listen to other forms of music. It does not only help them diversify their talent, but it essentially helps them in many technical aspects, such as.

1. Knowing Which Instrument to Use
In rock, the basic instruments are the guitars, bass and drums. Sometimes, some keyboards are added into the mix. But if you are to track and monitor a jazz band, some bands might have a lacking sound. You cannot just add any kind of instrument to help the song, you need to know which instrument it is because…

2. Production
In recording the instrument, microphone setups are important and a producer who does not know the genre may end up mic-ing the instrument in an incorrect manner that it sounds different in the recording. Production takes time to develop. Most producers learn microphone setups for different instruments and other production techniques with years of listening to the genres where the instruments belong.

3. Equalization
Listening to different genres helps in the mastering process, especially with the master equalization. An equalizer is a powerful tone-shaping tool that, if used correctly, can yield very effective results. Your equalization could bring about a good master, or could make the entire master sound odd to you and the listener’s ears.

It Helps to Have Different Kinds of References

References are everything in audio mastering. Your room position, your distance from the speakers, the way sound is absorbed by the room you work and the speakers you use affect the type of sound and mastering you do with a song. Your studio monitors are good references, but you need at least some of the following to get the most accurate sound from your mix.

1. Headphones
Headphones are not too advisable when mixing audio. They tend to have frequency biases, and one part of your song might emphasis on the bass too much, and the other might not do so well in the other parts. Headphones give you detail and accuracy, especially if you are trying to know if certain instruments stick out in certain mixes like a small thumb.

2. Speakers
A consumer-grade speakers set lets you know the audio master is effective enough for conventional home speakers. Most home systems also become sound systems for some homes. Testing a song’s mix to different speakers is crucial if you want to achieve a balanced and perfect mix.

3. In and Out of the Room
Your typical mixing spot will always be your room, but if you want to master, you will want to know about the levels of frequency of your mix. Outside the room, you could hear more bass frequencies up to 500hz. Inside the room, you can hear most of the frequencies from 800hz to 2khz without much difficulty on accurate monitors.

Invest Where it Matters Most or At Least Be Versed in Compensation Claims

The public views most musicians and personalities as carefree because of their financial stability in the music and other forms of media they produce. However, the reality is that many successful musicians build their wealth in different forms of investments. With efficient legal knowledge, musicians and personalities also allow themselves to reduce their taxes.

The value of legal knowledge is invaluable, specifically when musicians or personalities get into difficult situations that involve legal disputes. Some reckless musicians end up hurting other people, just like one famous musician I know. But then, musicians can also get hurt in the process.

One musician I worked with before ended up wounded because of faulty gig equipment. His slight electrocution had made his hand temporarily numb for at least two months. He had consulted his personal no win no fee lawyers. He wasn’t a big name musician, but he knows his lawyers could provide the right arguments to give him the proper compensation he deserves.

His lawyers filed a claim against the production and the venue for physical damages, emotional damages as the event was deeply traumatic for him, as he told me, and impairment due to the temporary rest he needed to recover his electrocuted hand.

He told me if it wasn’t for his lawyers, he would have been in a financial pickle right then because he didn’t have insurance, and he and his band hadn’t finished publishing their album just yet.

This cemented in me the fact that as creative people, we must also think of the future because, even for musicians and personalities, danger is a consistent uncertainty.

Complaint Procedure for PPI Claims

A large number of people have been affected by the PPI fraud in UK with many of the PPI claims being compensated in a swift manner. But due to the huge number of cases involved, the process will take some time to complete.

About PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance is a policy that is completely an optional one. It is intended to cover the payments made for mortgages, loans or credit cards in case the borrower is unable to make them. This can happen in case of accidents, death, illness or unemployment. The claims situation has stemmed from the fact that the policy has been grossly mis-sold.

  • Many of the policy holders did not know about the precise conditions involved
  • Some of the borrowers were not aware of the policy being included along with their loan

Finding about the Presence of Policy

If you want to find out whether you had taken a PPI policy, you need to look into the original copy of the product document that is present with you. You can also get PPI help by approaching the PPI customer help services present online. The loan provider will have the relevant document papers if the policy was taken within the last six years.

Getting Expert Help

There are many PPI claim agencies present, such as PPI Claim Back Co which help you get your compensations in a sharp manner possible. Most of the PPI assistance companies respond immediately to your PPI complaint and start investigating. Once they ascertain that you are eligible for a claim, they will inform you about the claim possibility and also give you an approximate assessment of the amount you will receive. The amount of money you receive is evaluated using the PPI calculator.

While choosing the claim agency, make sure you select the right one as many companies overcharge their clients and there are some that charge a big fee even if you do not win the case. Beware of such companies and if you have the relevant documents, you can approach the policy provider directly with your PPI claims.

Your Talents Aren’t the Only Things You Should Learn

I often advise musicians who record in my studio or participate in my internet radio program that why they come in my studio is because they want their talent appreciated by the right people. A radio show is a good place to begin, especially if it has lots of listeners. Now I might not have that many listeners, but it is a good start to promote the people who I see have talent.

However, I also tell them that talents are not the only thing they should learn. To be a successful musician, you need a string of shows and a string of distributors willing to sell your material. Networking is the only way to begin this, and musicians are sometimes “allergic” to contacting people in the “mainstream” simply because they might not like their material.

Musicians, people will want to hear your material and you should be proud of the material you produce. The more you have confidence in your songs, the more people will come to love it.

If you’re a musician, I advise you to learn how to market your creativity. The internet is a vast, wide place for exchanging information and media and creative marketing is highly important especially in terms of promoting music. If you’re good at your instrument, why not start with a tutorial? If you’re good with concept writing in your entire album, why not create a comic book, hell, even a video game?

Music coincides with many other mediums and popular interests, which is why it is easier to market than a new laptop. So why not give it a go?

What Dynamics Actually Does for an Entire Mix

Dynamics is the changing volume of musical instruments in a song that signifies emphasis and softness. Most orchestral arrangements make use of dynamics to emphasize on certain note and raising a listener’s adrenaline. Nowadays, popular music makes use of compression to grab the attention of listeners without any musical nuance.

In typical modern songs, dynamics could be heard especially when the drums are used. Distorted guitars are compressed with different qualities in itself, which make them loud instruments even if set at a lower volume. Drums and basses have different dynamics, which may be undecipherable if not compressed.

“Squashing” an entire mix means taking the top off the natural dynamics of an instrument and raising the volume of its quiet parts, ensuring that the audio signals do not have higher amplitudes and all its details highlighted in the mix. An audio producer could see how a line is flattening a compression signal when he or she uses the compressor.

Compression can actually make a track sound coherent, but dynamics brings out the natural, organic excitement a song has. When you listen to an acoustic song, you could hear when a guitar plays softly and when the musician actually strums louder while actually hearing the instrument sound louder, not just its tonal quality.

A loud compression fits certain genres, but if you want a more organic and naturally-voiced song, go for proper dynamic compression instead.

Making an Effective Radio Program

A radio program segment schedule is like a movie script; producers and writers need to develop these scripts to ensure the smooth flow of directions the show might take. If you are an independent DJ, here are a few things to help you begin in making your own segment schedule.

1. The Focus of Your Program
If you are a pop radio station, focusing on popular topics based on your target audience will be great program focuses. Inviting callers to answer a general question related to the topic your program endorses will attract great attention and a sharing of ideas between you, your possible co-host or guest, and your callers.

2. Schedule the Appearances of these Topics
You could research these topics on your own and then, gauge the “heaviness” of each topic. You can measure “heaviness” by means of its intellectual and entertainment value. For example, discussing with an audience what they think about a movie actor is lighter compared to asking what is the possible story for a fictional sequel to a famous movie.

3. Advertisements
Advertisements do not only serve their purpose of endorsing products and services supporting your program; they also allow you to take a break from talking. Advertising also helps your listeners retain their focus and some time to think if they’re not listening to the jingles, which helps them refresh their memory once your program gets back.

How to Be a Successful Music Producer

You might want to be like Hans Zimmer, the music score producer for many famous movies such as Superman as well as some cinematically-themed videogames. Being a successful music producer is more than just knowing the basics of music production and honing these fundamentals; you must also take note of the following.

Versatile Team
Movie and other score music do not always sound similar to each other and you will need a good team of instrumentalists who could play different genres when needed. This team should also be capable of adjusting to even the most extreme instances where a director wants to take an entire production in a different way.

Making a career in the business means forming connections and you can build your own by starting with a good product that you could provide free or for a small fee. Your clients could hook you up to other clients who could elevate your status and your career effectively.

Impressing Clientele
Even if your work is based on audio, a formal office with proper reception for potential clients is always important. An audio production studio that actually looks like an audio production studio in the imagination of your clients is important to fulfil. Make the necessary aesthetics count and you could find yourself swarming with people wanting to work with you.

What Edge Technology Gave to Music Producers

Music production is a way to perfect the sound of a band, musician or any artist with musical material. However, the music world had come a long way from direct one-way mic recording to multiple microphone and sequencing. Here are a few things technology gave music producers.

1. Time
Yesterday, music production was like photo-printing. You had tapes lined up and they should all play in sequence. Tapes sound really warm and pleasing to the ears, but it could also be very difficult and time consuming. Today’s modern day DAW’s and plugins simulating tape audio are becoming very useful materials.

2. Editing
One person can edit an entire song. Slip editing also ensures that every hit of a drumset is aligned to a metronome and that all sequences in instruments could be aligned to go faster and slower. Newer digital workstations have automated plugins that ensure the original sound is preserved effectively.

3. Production Costs
Today, almost anyone can record unlimited in a home studio. A normal home studio could cost more than $2000, but it gives you the advantage of recording instruments at home without a professional studio. For example, you could record guitars using new amplifier software that simulates a room with an amplifier. You just have the plug your guitar in an interface to use it effectively.

Financial Ombudsman Disappointed With Banks Over PPI Scandal

Financial Ombudsman Chief Natalie Ceeney confirmed that the FOS received 266,228 in the last two quarters of 2013. Ceeney expressed her disappointment with banks, who continue to unnecessarily delay consumer refunding and their failure to follow the FOS’ example in handling the insurance claims.

PPI is an insurance product designed to repay your loans, mortgage or credit cards when you get sick or have an accident. Not every customer is eligible for the insurance policy and were mis sold. If you want to know your exact compensation amount, use a free PPI calculator to aid you.

The Financial Ombudsman had additionally charged £330 for PPI complaints in addition to its £600 standard fee. The total of £900 is charged against banks per PPI claim. The FOS said if banks only maintained their PPI claims processes properly, they will not have to spend so much. The FOS uses the additional £300 in recruiting manpower to tackle the great amounts of PPI claims.

The Financial Conduct Authority pointed out that banks continue to pester customers with delays as its investigation revealed that 12 out of 18 banks were violators of certain PPI refunding agreements. Some did not pay much attention to the details of the insurance’s terms and conditions. A few companies also failed to take consideration of the consumer’s circumstances upon purchasing the PPI.

If you were mis sold PPI and would like to make a PPI claim, do not hesitate to contact http://www.ppicalculatorcompany.org.uk or other claims management companies for legal advice.